DIY: How to Make a Diary with a Lock by Yourself

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Writing and keeping a diary can be very useful, especially for relieving stress but also for recording your
thoughts. Even if there are hundreds of diaries out there for you to buy, making one yourself sounds
much more fun. Nevertheless, making your own diary from scratch gives you the opportunity to make it
unique, and personal. Or you can just convert one of your old notebooks into a diary with a lock.
Let’s see how it’s done:

Step 1

Gather Paper for the Pages
Think about the size and the color of the paper you’d like to use in your diary. You may use printer paper
or any other kind of paper. You can double the number of pages in your diary and make it thinner by
folding the pieces of paper in half. Make sure to choose the right color for the papers in your diary. In
order to make the diary more unique and personal, choose a color that represents you best.

Step 2

Make a Glued Binding
Next thing you should do is gather the papers into a stack while making sure that all the edges are lined
up equally. Apply glue on the edge while holding them together with clips. Let it dry and repeat the
process until the pages are strongly glued together.

Step 3

Make a Threaded Binding
Start with folding 15-20 papers in half while placing them inside each other. Next, open the stack of
papers and use a stapler to thread the pages together.

Step 4

Create the Cover
Look for materials that you can use to make your cover, like: leather, fabrics, or cardboard. Than wrap
the chosen piece of material around your glued stack of papers. Make sure the material you have
chosen for the cover is strong and durable. You wouldn’t like your diary to fall apart anytime soon! If
you can’t find any hard materials, try gluing more papers together in order to create a stronger cover.

Step 5

Add the Lock
A diary should always have a lock. Why? Because it’s personal! Therefore, adding a lock to your diary
will prevent other people from invading your privacy. Just add loops to the front and back of the cover
and squeeze a small lock through them. Go for a combination lock, it’s safer and you won’t need to keep
track of that little key.

Step 6

Decorate Your Diary
Now that your diary is finished, start decorating it and make it completely unique! You can use anything
from pencils to markers and paint. Create your unique designs on the cover and on the inner pages. Give
it a title like “My Diary,” and write your name after. Or, you can just give it a title that doesn’t include
your name. A diary must be secret, so writing your name on it won’t do you any favor. You will still
recognize it because of your unique designs, so writing your name on it is unnecessary.
Organize each page by adding borders or doodles. This will make the process much easier and
You can work even more on the look of your diary by adding stickers, colored paper, photos, and art
work. Just glue all your important art work to the cover of your diary. Turn it into a piece of art that will
remind you of these magical times.

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